About us at BobKat

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Welcome to our little world, where ever day is an adventure, especially the older we get.

Now that the kids are grown we have a little more time to get out and piddle in the garage. We’ve always enjoyed putting around out there (or on the driveway), whether it be working on cars or jeeps…..or finding something to build.

Bobby decided he wanted to learn to weld, so he took some classes at our local county college and bought a welder. Since the welder was in the garage I picked it up and taught myself how to use it as well. Now we struggle to determine who gets to use it first.

We have really enjoyed welding small metal creations and have been asked if our items are for sell, so decided to step out and sell some stuff.

Take a look around and give us some feedback. We will be slow to get going, as we do have full time jobs that keep us busy as well, but will try to keep a selection of items available.

We will also be offering our items at various vendor fairs, as we find ones that fit our schedule, so check up on us occasionally and we will update the site with upcoming events.