Done –>2013 Funky Finds –Nov 9 & 10

OK Family, Friends & Followers ,,, Funky Finds has come and gone. It turned out to be pretty good ,,BUT it was not the KILLER Craft Show that we were hoping for. IT was good ,, BUT we were really hoping for a GREAT turn out  of people for this show, being BEFORE Christmas. So next year we will be looking at several different show. NOW please don’t take this wrong—WE really do  like this show, but we think that we will look at ALL options. This year we kinda zoned in on only the funky Finds show and by-passed a few other options that we would like to try. Now next year if FF is the only one going that weekend, then we will likely attend that show –as we really do like the event and the causes they benefit.



Ok folks this is one of the shows that Kathy and I have been looking forward to. This is a great show that we are looking forward to being in for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that it benefits some organization dear to our hearts–Toys For Tots and Humane Society Of North Texas. We also had a good time at the earlier event by this same group earlier in the year and enjoyed it very much and met several great vendors and many  great customers here too. We can ONLY imagine that it will be even better as it will be close to Christmas time and we think vendors will have their “A” game on for this event. I know we will try to bring our ‘A’ game for this event and the LD Bell event in Dec.



Thank You for allowing us to be part of your family and we hope you and your family the best in life, Bobby & Kathy  –BobKat