18th Annual Texas Country Reporter Festival — DONE

OK …. Well those that did not make this event missed a GREAT event for sure. We had a great time and this one is on our ‘FOR SURE’ list every year. There were lots of vendors and not just lots ,,,, BUT lots of GREAT vendors. There was great food—Corndogs, Roasted Corn, Funnel Cakes, BBQ, fresh squeezed Lemonade, etc etc — … and then there was live Music. Our boothe was about 50-75 yds from the stage. We enjoyed the music which ranged from country to rock-n-roll to blues and a little in between. ┬áThis will be on our list to make sure that we apply for each year. Also would like to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone that came out.




OK folks this Handmade Craft Show that will be held in Waxahachie Tx. This show will be in/on the Town Square. It looks to be a good event and will showcase many artist, craftsman, music and food from all over the Lone Star State. It will be free to attend and is pet friendly. Pets must be leashed. From looking at the past years this event seems to be a top notch show and have some very nice vendors to shop at. We know that most of you guys will not be able to make the drive to this show, but if you know someone that lives down that way please let them know about the show and that we will be there. This will be a great opportunity for others that are not local to see some of the stuff we do.

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Thanks so much to everyone for following and letting us share our passion with you, Bobby & Kathy